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this is an important announcement people that involves and includes every and all so listen up.

an exective decision has been made by the mods tonight. a long conversation was had, and finally, me and the others came to a final, pressing decision.

we are deciding to give up modship and control of rough caresses to someone who is willing to organize and shape it.

and in doing so, we are opening up mod positions to four people who we feel can qualify to do so. ^^

DON'T WORRY, this doesn't leave the RPers high and dry, however when RC is revamped, it'll be like a fresh start.

if anyone has any questions/comments/gripes, just IM me on AIM: teefmun. (i ghost a bit, but i'm here, if ya wanna talk.)

that is all.

(if you're interested); fill this out as indepth as you'd like and please make it as honest as possible. thank you. :P

ooc journal: (so we can track ya down ^^)

why do you feel you'd be a good mod?
seriously... how would you improve RC, if you get this position?

past RP experience?
past Modding experience? (if any)

~ all comments will be screened in case someone wants to be nosey.
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Name: Jett
Age: 24
OOC journal: Jet_Leonheart

Why do you feel you'd be a good mod?
Well, I try to be fair to the Muns in the rp, but I'm not afraid to enforce the rules if it comes to that. Plus I try to get along with everyone.

Seriously... how would you improve RC, if you get this position?
Well, I'm not too sure. I'd have to get the original story details (Aside from the ones posted on the comm) and see what could be tweaked or improved. I'd much like to work with the original mods, so that their vision for the rp doesn't die out or anything. Because that can be really sad, ya know?

Past RP experience?
I started on Greatest journal in an rp called FF Lucentia, which was really cool. I played there until one of the mods told me they were starting an rp on LJ, and so I moved there, though I'm still waiting for Lucentia to revive. I play in a couple of rps that others made (including this one) and I own two of my own rps on LJ. Before that, I rped on Yahoo chat a little bit, on Mirc a little bit, and on a couple of Forum rps. I also play DnD 3rd ed. (If that counts)

Past Modding experience? (if any)
Well, as mentioned, I own two rps on LJ right now which I mod, and I've modded for a couple of my fiance's rps in the past. I'm not sure if thats enough experience, but well, at least I tried, right? ^.^|||